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Help Hamster Chef cook yummy dishes for his animal pals! This is a fun, innocent game which does not contain ANY dark twist.

This game was created between March 10 - April 20, 2023 for the Spring N64 Style Graphics Jam #2 (which it won!) The jam's constraint was "incompatible genres." The genres are cooking and... well, you'll have to play it. ;)

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For the latest on Hamster Chef and all his creepy pals, check out the official site.

Let's Plays

A number of you have been so kind to play this game and record your reactions. Thank you so much! I've compiled the videos that I've found so far in this playlist. If you make one of your own, be sure to post a comment so I can add it to the playlist!



Listen to the GO! GO! Hamster Chef! OST on SoundCloud

Control Help

If you are using mouse/keyboard, moving your mouse will adjust the camera angle. In v1.0.2 we made some adjustments to the camera's default position.

You can run in windowed mode by pressing Alt + Enter.

We recommend using an Xbox controller for that classic console feel!

Updated 14 days ago
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(76 total ratings)
AuthorsMatt Henry, MetaArcade, Fridgecrisis, Liam Higley
Made withUnity
Tagscooking, Cute, Horror, Singleplayer


Hamster Chef v1.0.3 104 MB
Hamster Chef v1.0 (Original Jam Version) 92 MB

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The game was fun although I was not the same person after the onion part. Thumbnail art is by me, had bongo cat to inspire me.

i thought this was going to be scary as in cannibalistic or something like other cooking horror games, but honestly it was a good and bad surprise. bad as in i almost peed my pants when it came to the static part. but good as in i was not expecting all that!

I legitimately, actually enjoy the main gameplay loop, though. Finding ingredients, sometimes in treacherous places... cooking tasty food... I'd play the whole thing even if it was JUST that.

Absolutely loved playing this game! It gave me just the perfect feel of everything being "perfect" in the beginning then we suddenly did a 180 about halfway through. Loved it! 10/10

A delightful game to play except for Bunjamin. Bunjamin is a jerk

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Very fun! Love this style game! Check out my gameplay for it here:Go Go Hamster Chef


I had a blast playing this little gem. I love the N64 Animal Crossing vibes from this game. Here's a video I made on it.


Playing this was an amazing experience! 

I absolutely adore the graphics, wonderful music, and controls of this game. The process of cooking/making the recipe is super creative. Using the scooter is a joy, the story is short but interesting. Loved the creepy and spooky atmosphere at the end. 

I can not give this gem less than a 10/10, kudos! <3

3/10 to many glitches #1 I got stuck between 18 invisible barriers #2 I glitched my scooter into the hole behind hoppers yard during day time #3 I somehow ran out of onions during the day and sadly I had an order so it would not turn to night meaning I am stuck with no onion to complete his order making it impossible to get more onions forcing me to leave the game. when I started a new game I was in my house and 3 seconds later I get launched into the void. 



to play the game, press more info, there should then be a button saying "run anyway", click that and it will launch the game


Please don't do it to every program you encounter though... Some programs are best not to be run

It went from "I love this game" to "I don't like this anymore" - good job 10/10!

The betrayal... I cooked for you!

Loved this game! The mechanics and aesthetic are well done. I absolutely love these N64 style horror games. The race you unlock at the end is also a nice addition.


I really really liked it! I hope you make more lore about this, it looks very interesting! (I shitted my pants with the final jumpscare tho...), and I also liked the "Let's Ride!" option at the end, very cool!!

i really liked this game ,everything on it was cool .The gameplay is very pleasent and flow just right .and the cute design of the character and all is very charming .Overall it's a game that i whould recomend even if spooky game are not your cup of tea (like me)

Please more.


Really cute game, super fun! Loved the Resident Evil reference!
Just an FYI, when facing the door about to leave the kitchen, if you press B instead of A, you throw your food into an abyss and you can see you food fall through the world, never to return! If you leave and come back, you can see your food there but cannot pick it up :) Apart from that, wonderful game!

Really nice game. The scooter was so much fun!

Loved the cute characters! The pacing was handled well for what time you had, and the scares were legit creepy!! I had so much fun playing :)

You'll never guess where we grew these mushrooms! GO! GO! Hamster Chef!

The game is very well made! I also love the music/soundtrack.

looks really cute, excited to play!

Bruh when the kids play 


just feedin the boys

Full Play NO COmmentary


What do you use to make 3d games like these?

Cant you read its unity

Yes, we used Unity to make this game. Thanks for asking! 🙂

I had a good time playing this game 

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It was very fun to play! Very original game concept with a dark twist. Loved the design of the characters and the animations, especially the hamster, they're super cute! Couldn't finish the game but only cuz I'm dumb and am unable to drive, but I watched a gameplay instead. Looking forward for more updates! :))

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I Didn't read the tagline when I snagged it, yall definitely got me. Seriously though this game is pretty amazing, definitely make more!        

i really wish i could play but windows hates running games with non existing "viruses".

my windows is has Hallucinations.

but i can imagine this is a cute game with a horror twist

Its a horror game


This was such a fun and cute game! I loved that it had a twist :) You did an awesome job. My video is long sorry because he started to walk hella slow and I found the controls hard at times but I think my mouse was playing up. 

Hi! I enjoyed the game a great deal, but i was wondering if the "MissingNo." type character had any relations to the one from the Pokemon games? Thanks!


I can't speak to the lore, but the graphic in the game is literally the MissingNo graphic. Good catch :)

Such a great game! Even though I was expecting something scary to happen, the ending still got me pretty good 😂 good job dev!👏🏾

un juego curiosi y con una historia interesante. la jugabilidad bastante buena.

Being sincere its a very short but fun game to play while being bored!

Driving in this game is very rewarding
Great game!!!

You have in mind make a "Normal" version of this game? Mean, a game for make food and discover more recipes?

We're still talking about the next steps for these characters. The game is basically complete for now, but you're not the only one who sees a possibility for more Hamster Chef. :)


This style is great for a secret horror game. It's also quite fun and the utilization of hamster cheeks to cook was brilliant and charming. The scooter song got stuck in our head for days. Would recommend! 

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